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Whitmuir - The Organic Place


Whitmuir Farm
West Linton
EH46 7BB


Telephone: 01968 661 908





Whitmuir is the place for people who love food and the natural environment. We cook and sell great food from the farm – and if we haven’t grown it ourselves we can tell you where it’s from.


It’s not just one of the prettiest small farms you could find (and only 16 miles from Princes St.) It’s not just a state of the art green building with a café/restaurant, farm shop and art gallery.


It’s not just that the pigs get to make nests in the woods to have their piglets, or that the grass-fed Shorthorn and Galloway beef we hang and prepare in our on-farm butchery is about the best you will ever taste.


It’s just that we are passionate about making our food better – better for the soil and the environment here and in other countries, better for farm animals, and better for our health and our communities.


Food is at the heart of community. Come and taste our hospitality.





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