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Wholesome Bee


6 Duke Street


North Yorkshire

BD24 9DW


Tel: 01729 825103




Wholesome Bee is a  business in Settle with a passion for ethically sourced, wholesome, healthy food, fresh organic fruit and veg (local where possible), natural skin care products and quality nutritional supplements.  Our aim is to help those who believe that “you are what you eat”   find the best in wholesome, organic and sustainable foods.

Its good to know about food – where it comes from, how it’s made and how it’s marketed.  At Wholesome Bee we try to research where our products are sourced and then buy local and organic food where possible, produced with ethical and fair trade practices.  We care about what’s on our plates and how it got there.  Food production is becoming cheaper and quicker … sometimes at a huge costs to animal welfare, farmer’s livelihoods, the environment and our health.



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